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TiC FU Cam Bolt Kit - Dual AVCS

TiC FU Cam Bolt Kit - Dual AVCS

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Let’s say you've ever torn down a Subaru engine. If you have then chances are pretty darn good that you've rounded off the allen fitting in the stock cam pulley bolts.

Your next step is something extreme like drilling out the head, using an ez out or welding a nut onto the bolt so you have something decent to grip.

Let’s face it - all of those options suck

The Best Option is new bolts!! Real bolts!!

  • Bolts with proper hardness
  • Bolts with a proper 17mm hex head on it.
  • Bolts you can get a real socket on and use some real force!
  • A perfect and simple solution to help cure the ills of an imperfect and complicated world.

Bottom line is this - if you're rebuilding a Subaru engine then you're going to want these bolts!

This is the kit for DUAL AVCS (intake and exhaust). For you guys with that car you'll get 4 AVCS FU cam bolts.

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