Engine Warranty Info and Installation Recommendations

Thank you for purchasing a Short block from Outfront Motorsports, if your engine is equipped with an oil cooler and the short block was replaced because of rod, main or turbo bearing failure, the oil cooler must be replaced, as there may be debris trapped in the cooler that won’t release until it is subjected to both high oil pressure and heat. These coolers cost around $260 new. If a warrantee arises due to bearing failure, we will request a copy of the cooler purchase. If your engine is equipped with a turbo: a bad/blown turbo can send debris into the crankcase and oiling system. Make sure to clean the turbo drain/feed hoses and nipples before installation. If the short block was replaced because of piston failure, cracking or melting, the intake manifold, exhaust manifolds and cylinder ports must be cleaned and free of debris. Remove the throttle body from the intake to access and clean the plenum of the intake. We have seen particles that have blown from one side of the engine through the intake and lodge itself in the plenum or opposite side intake runners, only to be consumed by the new engine upon start up. We recommend an oil pump of at least a #10 found in the upper left corner of the pump when looking at it. Do not use #7 or #9 pumps. The number refers to the millimeter thickness of the gears inside. On high performance engines, oil pressure will generally be lower at idle than stock engines as we have enlarged the bearing clearances for sustained higher engine RPM operation. If your engine is supplied with high performance pistons, oil consumption can possibly be higher than normal due to a larger piston to cylinder wall clearance used, this consumption could be up to 1 quart per 800 miles. As a standard our motors do not see this type of oil consumption but this is the Subaru spec. If your engine was rebuilt with stock style pistons, oil consumption of up to one quart per 1200 miles is considered within spec, per Subaru’s’ warranty policy 8.4.29.

There are many reasons that a rebuilt short block can appear to be defective, among them are overheating, oil contamination, over boosting, poor engine tune and abuse, inadequate fuel supply (especially under boost). We have a limited warranty which covers workmanship and parts used under normal use for 6 months from time of purchase; we do not consider mileage to be a factor as there is no proof either way of how many miles have been driven or what the mileage was upon installation. We do not cover parts or labor to remove a defective short block, or to reinstall the same if we did not perform the original installation. We do not cover shipping to or from us. We must have the short block (or long block) returned to us in the same manner it was sold for disassembling and inspection. We would prefer to have the oil pan and oil pump left installed. No warranty will be covered if you disassemble the short block. We will deny a warranty if the rods or wrist pins are bent, pistons are melted or ring lands are cracked or opened up due to detonation. We will deny a warranty if the pistons and rings show signs of dirt or foreign debris or if the cylinder(s) show excessive cylinder wear/taper (commonly caused by excessive fueling and/or inadequate air filtration). The purpose of this warranty is to cover proper and competent workmanship and any failure of parts that are used in a manner of normal operating conditions, our warranty does not cover this short block if used in race, competition, or an abusive manner.

Recommended break in should be 3000 miles driven under normal conditions, do not use synthetic oils during break-in, use good quality multigrade oils such as Motul 10/40 break-in oil, Valvoline or Castrol. We recommend an oil change with filter at 100, 500 and 1000, 2000, and 3000 miles. At 3000 miles you can switch to synthetic oils if you choose to. For the first 500 – 1000 miles try to avoid long periods of time at the same RPM such as freeway driving at 3500 RPM for 30 minutes. You should vary through the RPM range. Stock boost is fine but you should stay away from high boost/high load situations.

If a warranty issue is suspect, please call us before removing the engine or sending back to us. There are certain steps that must be taken to process a claim.

Any unauthorized work performed will void any claim.

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