AVCS Cam Gear Servicing

Having the dreaded cam codes and don't know why?

Unknown to many Subaru enthusiasts is if the cam gears are disassembled to service and/or clean, they must be aligned with special tools to prevent binding of the gear on the camshafts resulting in hard to diagnose cam gear codes.

If you ever wondered why Subaru doesn't sell the large custom o-ring for the cam gear assemblies, it is because they don't consider it a serviceable part. We have developed custom tooling to assure that they are aligned properly and will literally "fall onto your camshaft" during assembly. We have seen many times where the cam gear was installed in the wrong pin, this is because the gear was binding upon installation of the camshaft due to improper alignment which results in the mechanic not having a positive feel of the "right pin" and then bolting it down. Results could be as little as a CEL or as bad as not starting or bent valves, why take a chance?

Intake AVCS Gear Servicing $80 per gear

Exhaust AVCS Gear Servicing $80 Per gear

Exhaust AVCS Gear Internal Pin Repair/Upgrade $50 Per Gear

This pin upgrade service is done on an "as needed basis" Subaru makes the exhaust gear with a very weak pin configuration. Often when unbolting the gear from the cam the two halves of the gear twist causing the pin to break, and the problem goes undetected. this would cause less or more spring tension on the gears' ability to retract to the park position., possibly causing a CEL. We can upgrade this pin to a larger pin that will never break.