About Outfront Motorsports

Outfront is "The Source" for Subaru motors, parts, and advice for "Go Fast" motor applications.  If you're thinking of building Subaru engine for your street car, sandrail, kit car, marine use or what ever you can dream up, you've come to the right place.  Reading through our website can enlighten even the savvy mechanic about the upgrade options available for Subaru motors.  If you're new to Subaru engines, this is the place to learn.  Before you buy anything for your project, spend some time reading through each of our webpages.  You'll find loads of information that will help you save time, money, and frustration.

Secrets Disclosed

If you have ever talked to a motor builder you may experienced the "Code of Silence" they practice.  They always seem to keep critical information to themselves, thinking it will help build their business, forcing you to have them build your motor.  We happen to believe this creates animosities. At Outfront we will help you build your Subaru engine by sharing our knowledge for building your dream engine, telling you the secrets others won't.  So if you want to do the work we'll provide the parts and information you need to build a reliable motor for the least amount of money. If you buy all your parts from Outfront you can be assured all the parts will work together, and be reliable.  Our knowledge of Subaru motor parts and setup can save you thousands of dollars, and weeks/months of time.

We have built our business by providing our customers with value and reliability, including turn-key motor packages.  At Outfront it's important to us that you are happy....... long-term. If you're happy about what you buy from Outfront we believe our business will grow by word of mouth.

John Rykowski

John has been building Subaru go-fast motors since 2000. This was the beginning of his love for the Subaru motor. It was a constant search for "how to be faster in the sand then all the rest, especially his friends" which was his drive to make a better stronger power plant. As the owner of Accel Import Motor repair, John's background about engine knowledge runs deep, especially computer controlled injection and ignition systems. John's experience in motor repair and tuning has spawned new parts and technology for Subaru applications. This eventually grew into a healthy business and was originally named Outback Motorsports, providing race parts, tips, and tuning for the hottest motor on the market for off-road and street.....the Subaru boxer engine. Later, as the business grew and John became noticed by Subaru themselves. To keep peace with Subaru's lawyers, and an ensuing trademark issue with the name "Outback" John changed the company name to Outfront Motorsports.

We encourage any feedback, upgrade, or suggestions you have for our website please forward to the webmaster.

John Rykowski
Outfront Motorsports