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RCM High Grip Timing Belt Bracket Tensioner & Idler Kit

RCM High Grip Timing Belt Bracket Tensioner & Idler Kit

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Roger Clark Motorsport has just released a set of Dual Bearing Eccentric Idler Pulleys to correct cam pulley alignment issues.

Whether you want the ability to precisely align your cam gears, or you just need some additional ability to adjust your cam gears from thicker head gaskets or machining of your heads and block, the best way to get this is to use an adjustable eccentric cam pulley.

For the most part, there is just a single bearing used in these eccentric pulleys, which is fine for stock or street cars. But if your engine is making a good deal of power, or if it is for race use, the single bearing design is not ideal from a durability standpoint.

The Subaru community asked about the possibility of a Dual Bearing eccentric idler that would be better able to stand up to high-power, high rpm or race use. Roger Clark Motorsports heard that request, and set about making just that.

The result are these new RCM Dual Bearing eccentric idler bearings.

Roger Clark Motorsport part number RCM3330

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