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Precision Turbo & Engine PW40 Gen 2 External Wastegate (40mm)

Precision Turbo & Engine PW40 Gen 2 External Wastegate (40mm)

SKU: PTE-PBO-085-1510
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PTE's new 40mm, V-Band Inlet/Outlet wastegate is constructed from high grade, high temperature stainless steel and billet aluminum components for the best in strength, style, and functionality at an affordable price. Featuring a 347 stainless investment cast valve body with a smooth internal surface, this 40mm wastegate provides consistent performance while also allowing exceptional flow for accurate boost control.

The PW40 40mm wastegate also features PTE's purpose-designed wastegate diaphragm and internally uses a Nickel Chromium Alloy valve. Each wastegate comes complete with stainless steel inlet and outlet flanges as well as all clamps necessary for installation.
Additionally, each PW40 40mm wastegate comes complete with 5 different 17-7 precipitation hardened springs for further adjustment of desired boost levels.

Precision Turbo and Engine's PW40 40mm wastegate part number: PBO085-1500 is appropriately priced at just $259.99, and is generally compatible with most aftermarket manual and electronic boost controllers for ease of use. As an added bonus, each Precision Turbo external wastegate is warrantied to be free from manufacturer's defects for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles.

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