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Outfront Motorsports Subaru Adapter Kit 9” (228mm Flywheel)

Outfront Motorsports Subaru Adapter Kit 9” (228mm Flywheel)

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Adapt your Subaru engine to your VW pattern Manual Trans-Axle with this 228mm Outfront Motorsports 9” adapter Kit. This kit converts the EJ20, EJ22, EJ25, EG33, EZ30, EZ36 engine to bolt up to the VW 4 bolt pattern trans-axle. Will use a VW 228 mm (9”) style clutch. This lighter flywheel design is ideal for higher HP Subaru engines that need the larger clutch to hold the power. Will adapt to 091, 094, Fortin, PBS, Mendeola, Weddle Transaxles.

Adapter kits for manual trans-axles include:
  • Adapter plate
  • Flywheel (Lighter 228mm Style) 15 pounds 5 oz.
  • Pilot bearing
  • Hardware to bolt the bare engine block to the bare trans-axle
  • Dust Shield

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