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Outfront Motorsports CNC Ported 975 Racer D25 Cylinder Head Package

Outfront Motorsports CNC Ported 975 Racer D25 Cylinder Head Package

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The Outfront Motorsports 975 CNC Ported Cylinder Heads are the perfect performance head upgrade for competition and racing. These heads are a great option for the racer with engines up to 975 BHP. These are a great option for drag racing, time attack, hill climb or other competitive racing.

The Outfront 975 Heads start with new OEM Genuine Subaru head castings. They are then CNC ported to have a big upgrade in flow. A multi-angle valve job is performed as well as a fresh resurface. The heads go through multiple cleaning processes throughout the build/machining processes. All oil plugs are removed for cleaning and reinstalled at the final step of the process.

The heads come fully assembled and bench lash set. Final lash should always be confirmed once heads are installed.

These heads come with the following components:

  1. New OEM Head Castings D25 Intake AVCS
  2. Full CNC Port
  3. GSC 37mm +1 Intake Valves Part Number 2014
  4. GSC 33mm +1 Superalloy Exhaust Valves Part Number 2017
  5. GSC Beehive Spring Kit W/ Titanium Retainers Part Number 5043
  6. GSC Stage 2 Camshafts Part Number 7025S2
  7. Viton Valve Seals
  8. OEM Valve Keepers
  9. OEM Valve Lifter Buckets (Optional Upgrade to Kelford DLC Buckets Available)
  10. Machined for ½” Head Studs
  11. Optional Kelford Cams Available
  12. Optional Upgrade to Ferrea Valves Available

The D25 Single AVCS Castings are for 2006-2014 WRX / 2006-2013 FXT / 2007-2009 LGT.

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