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Killer B Super G High Performance Oil Pan EJ Series

Killer B Super G High Performance Oil Pan EJ Series

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Our Super G High Performance Oil Pan is designed for high g-force track applications. With a unique baffling system, oil is drained easily into the pan and held close to the pickup. Rear breather relocation tube prevents oil from exiting the crankcase breather port during extreme acceleration.

This Oil Pan holds 6 quarts of oil, up to a 40% increase in capacity over OEM, and was designed to work with our Ultimate Oil Pickup or our High Flow Pickup.

  • 3D CAD designed and tested for extreme performance
  • Oil containment baffle prevents oil starvation
  • Crankcase breather vent eliminates liquid oil egress from crankcase breather
  • Precision cast double heat-treated Aluminum Alloy for maximum toughness
  • Up to 40% increase in capacity.
  • Works best with Killer B High Flow Oil Pickup and Windage Tray
  • Fits most equal length headers, including Killer B headers
  • M20 OEM Port and (1) 1/2NPT Port
  • Materials, design, and manufacture in the USA
  • Track-tested and proven
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