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JE Pro Seal Gaskets fit FA20 (BRZ-FR-S) and FA20DIT (2015+ WRX) .8mm

JE Pro Seal Gaskets fit FA20 (BRZ-FR-S) and FA20DIT (2015+ WRX) .8mm

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Features Include: 

  • ·Premium Raw Materials
    All JE Pro Seal Head gaskets are made from only the best raw materials available including AISI 304 Stainless Steel. JE utilizes state of the art in-line laser cutting and multi stage embossing technologies to ensure you get the highest quality gaskets. Also, every layer of the multi-layered steel gaskets is individually cut and formed to optimize performance. 
  • ·Proprietary Coating Technologies
    Multiple layers are used to maximize the seal between the head and block mating surfaces. These coatings eliminate the need for additional deck surfacing. JE's Coating process provides 100% encapsulation of all exposed metal providing you with superior protection compared to other gasket brands. 
  • ·Optimized Embossing FormationThe highly advanced embossing process on JE's multi-layered gaskets optimizes the radius in crucial bend areas. The result is a reduction in stress points, improved conformability, and superior wet-out (contact area) that is far better than the competition. This gives you the best possible seal in the embossed areas. 
  • ·Stress Stabilization & Relaxation
    This proprietary tempering process significantly reduces forming induced stress. Advantages of a tempered metal are reduced hardness and brittleness, increased flexibility and deformation retention. This process dramatically increases the long term durability and reliability of each head gasket.

Sold in Pairs(2)

.8mm thick (.031”)

Also Available in .95 thickness (.037”)

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