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“Grocery Getter” Long Rod Forged Shortblock

“Grocery Getter” Long Rod Forged Shortblock

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This Block Is Our Base Non Closed Deck (Semi Closed) EJ257 +2mm Long Rod Engine With Forged Internals. 

This engine consists of the following parts:
  • Seasoned EJ257 case halves
  • Rated at 575 BHP
  • Forged Pistons (Default is JE but you can choose any of the options below)
  • Outfront Motorsports Tuff H Beam +2mm Long Rods
  • King Performance Bearings
  • 2017+ Subaru 2.5L nitride treated STI crankshaft
  • Rear Covers, Rear Seal, and Pin Plugs Included!!!

No Core required!!

If you have higher power goals or are looking for something different from this block, feel free to contact us to get the correct built block for your application. All of our builds can be completely customized. All of our assembly is done in house in our clean room to ensure excellent quality control. Our Blocks are all bored/honed using torque plates. All tolerances are double checked and all parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to assembly.

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