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Closed Deck V4, New Case Halves (Outright)

Closed Deck V4, New Case Halves (Outright)

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This closed deck block design has been proven to withstand extreme boost levels resulting in high cylinder pressures without the worry of cracking a sleeve. The billet material that reinforces the combustion area has been further optimized with our V4 closed deck making it a far superior product to any sleeved block.

With a closed deck block the stock sleeves are still in place eliminating all risk of dropping sleeves and pushing coolant that you have with a sleeved block. Bore/Hone to the next bore diameter is required after the process. The V4 is a thicker insert than the V3 version and is recommended with 800 WHP or higher builds.


  • INDUSTRY FIRST! NEW AS OF 8/2015 precision block decking registering from the mains, both halves cut simultaneously allowing for the least amount of material removed.
  • "less expense compared to sleeving"
  • "no sleeves to drop"
  • "superior heat transfer"
  • perfect for high HP DD's, no possible engine removal due to sleeve issues.
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