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Athena Cut Ring Gasket Pair For EZ30 90mm Bore x 1mm Thickness

Athena Cut Ring Gasket Pair For EZ30 90mm Bore x 1mm Thickness

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The Racing Athena head gaskets are the result of constant research and development to meet the steadily increasing demands for higher performance, maximum sealing, and resistance to the extreme thermal and mechanical stress typical of Motorsports and Drag racing.

The Cut Ring technology combines the advantages of having an excellent seal at high pressures of a head gasket with separate recessed rings, known as Cooper Rings, that no longer require the tuner to irreversibly modify the engine block to work on the ring seats.

  • The gasket body is made of Motorgasket, a reinforced material developed by the Athena R&D Department consisting of a steel core covered with two layers of asbestos-free aramid fibre: this allows excellent thermal and mechanical resistance without penalizing its ability to adapt perfectly to cylinder and head support surfaces.
  • To ensure maximum sealing in all conditions, a silicone bead is also applied to critical areas such as oil and coolant passages.
  • The Cut Ring support rings are made of AISI 304 type stainless steel and ensure maximum sealing capacity around the cylinder bores: no loss of compression, even for engines with extreme applications such as NOS and/or turbos in which boost exceeds 2 Bar.
  • Designed and entirely made in Italy
  • Maximum sealing performance even for Turbo and/or NOS over 2 Bar
  • Use of high quality materials approved by the manufacturers
  • Excellent mechanical and thermal resistance
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